International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER)
CAMPUT is a member of ICER, which is a voluntary framework for cooperation between and among energy regulators from around the world.  The aim of ICER is to improve public and policy maker awareness and understanding of energy regulation and its role in addressing a wide spectrum of socio-economic, environmental and market issues.  ICER website:

ICER publishes a periodical “ICER Chronicle”.  The first ICER Chronicle was published in December, 2013.  Link to ICER Chronicle

ICER Women in Energy Program

Annual Bilateral Meetings With NARUC
The Executive Committee of CAMPUT and the Executive Committee of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) meet annually to share information, experiences and best practices.  Presentations from these bilateral meetings are provided below:

July 23, 2016
Renewable Energy and Carbon Reduction Plans, John Betkoski III, Second Vice-President, NARUC
Implementation of Ontario’s Cap and Trade Program, and the Regulator’s Role, Louis Legault, Chair, Education, CAMPUT
Trade Issues:  Why Do Canadian Firms Buy US Firms?, Murray Doehler, Vice-Chair, CAMPUT
Trade Issues: Canadian Firms Acquiring US Utilities, Lisa Edgar, Past President, NARUC
The Future of Regulation, Robert Powelson, First Vice-President, NARUC
The Future of Regulation, Willie Grieve, Chair, CAMPUT

May 10, 2015
New Regulation Models – Fixed Charges in Wisconsin, Ellen Nowak, Second Vice-President, NARUC
New Regulation Models – Willie Grieve, QC, Chair, CAMPUT
New Regulation Models – David E. Ziegner, Treasurer, NARUC
Allowed Rate of Return on Equity – Travis Kavulla, First Vice-President, NARUC, and Murray Doehler, Vice-Chair, CAMPUT
US EPA 111(d) – US EPA Clean Power Plan Basics, James W. Gardiner, Vice-Chairman, Kentucky Public Service Commission
US EPA 111(d) – US EPA’s Clean Power Plan – Régis Gosselin, Chair, Education Committee, CAMPUT
ICER after WFER6 – ICER Backgrounder – Ken Quesnelle, Past Chair, CAMPUT, and John W. Betksoski III, Member, NARUC Executive Committee
ICER after WFER6 – Draft ICER Work Program 2015 – 2018 – Ken Quesnelle, Past Chair, CAMPUT, and John W. Betksoski III, Member, NARUC Executive Committee

July 12, 2014
Utility of the Future: The Regulatory Response, Ken Quesnelle, Chair, CAMPUT
Utility of the Future – Innovation in Regulated Industries, Lisa Edgar, First Vice-President, NARUC
Utility of the Future: Research and Development Spending and Innovative Cost-Recovery Mechanisms, David E. Ziegner, Treasurer, NARUC
Solar and other New DG Technologies, Susan K. Ackerman, Second Vice-President, NARUC

May 5, 2013
Cybersecurity: Philip Jones, President, NARUC
Cybersecurity: Lise Duquette, Past Chair, CAMPUT
NERC Issues:  Raymond Gorman, Chair, CAMPUT; and John W. Betkoski III, Member, Executive Committee, NARUC
Rates of Return:  David E. Ziegner, Treasurer, NARUC

July 21, 2012
Introduction to Electricity and Gas Regulation in Canada: Raymond Gorman, Vice Chair, CAMPUT
Introduction to US Energy Market – Electricity: David E. Ziegner, Treasurer, NARUC
Introduction to US Energy Market – Gas:  David E. Ziegner, Treasurer, NARUC
Electricity Transmission Planning & Reliability: Dougas R. M. Nazarian, Member, Executive Committee, NARUC
Reliability Oversight in Canada: Ken Quesnelle, Chair, Education, CAMPUT
Reconfiguration of the Gas Sector in the US:  Colette D. Honorable, Second Vice President, NARUC