2021 CAMPUT Conferences
Autumn Conference: 18 – 19 October 2021 Online

Emerging and Advancing Together
As we emerge from the pandemic, the energy sector continues to face challenges and competing views on the way forward. Regulators understand the value of aligning interests, fostering collaboration, and creating space for innovation – all to ensure the best outcomes in the public interest. CAMPUT’s October conference will focus on how key economic, social, and political forces are shaping energy sector relationships regionally, federally, and internationally.

Conference website: CAMPUT Oct 2021

Canada Partnership panel – Margaret Kenequanash
Canada Partnership panel – Mark Sidebottom
ESG Panel – Cynthia Hansen
ESG Panel – Gildas Poissonnier
ESG Panel – Intro
ESG Panel – Tracy Sletto
Institute for Climate Choices infrastructure report oct 2021
International Trade panel – Ann Rendahl
International Trade panel – Bevin WIrzba
IEA – Peter Fraser

Video Recordings:
Part 1 – 18 October 2021
Part 2 – 18 October 2021
Part 3 – 19 October 2021
Part 4 – 19 October 2021

Spring Conference: 4 – 5 May 2021 Online

Transition and Transaction
Canadian energy policies strive to harmonize the economy with a sustainable environment. The transition to a more carbon-neutral economy brings structural changes, offering new possibilities. This Conference will discuss the evolution of the energy sector towards carbon neutrality and the future of energy transactions.

Conference Website: CAMPUT May 2021

Video Recordings:
4 May 2021
5 May 2021